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About MLT Transport, LLC

In November of 1989 we began as a dry freight hauling operation located in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Since that date the company has grown and expanded into the transportation of raw milk from the farm to the factory primarily in the Great Lakes region of the United States. 

The current owners, Curt LaLone and Kraig Moeggenborg, represent the fourth generation of milk haulers and truck carriers who began in 1929. With a fleet of 85 power units and over 90 trailers, they currently transport milk from Michigan farms to plants in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and numerous locations in the Midwest. Commodities such as cream, condensed whey, and milk products are also moved from processing plant to customer facilities. 

Previous owner Cornell LaLone functions as a consultant and shares his many years of operational expertise. 

Christopher LaLone provides support for driver safety and function related to electronic log books and general operations. Drivers have access to Chris to answer questions regarding DOT requirements and time management. 

Since 1989 MLT Transport, LLC has provided transportation for The Delfield Company located in Mt. Pleasant, MI and Unified Brands located in Weidman, MI. Both companies manufacture stainless steel kitchen and restaurant equipment. Onsite delivery of full kitchens and blanket wrapped kitchen equipment is provided to 48 states. Trailers are equipped with ramps and all MLT equipment has GPS monitoring capability. 

As a contract carrier, MLT Transport, LLC prides itself on clean, safe and road-worthy equipment. All equipment is carefully maintained by highly-trained mechanics. Loads are dispatched by any of the 5 dispatchers with careful monitoring of driver hours and driver support. All trucks are equipped with the PeopleNet GPS system. 

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